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2017 Weber County Board of Equalization Appeal Application Status
To view the status of your 2017 appeal, please enter your parcel number, with no dashes.
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Appeal Status Definitions

  • Accepted: Your Appeal Application has been reviewed and contained the required information but has not been assigned to an Appraiser.
  • Under Review: Your Appeal has been assigned to an Appraiser for review.
  • Pending Completion: An Appraiser has completed review of your Appeal, but the decision has not yet been filed through the Board of Equalization.
  • Complete: Changes, if any, have been filed with subject parcel. See Property Tax Info
  • Rejected: Your Appeal Application did not contain the necessary information for review.  A letter will be mailed explaining the documentation needed.
  • Dismissed: Additional information was requested, but not returned to our office by the specified deadline.
  • Status not Found: The status of your Appeal has not been updated, or the parcel entered is not valid.
  • Please call (801)399-8112 with questions.