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***Note: If you have not registered your animal with Weber County Animal Services you will need to download the form and provide our office with the completed form.***

Weber County Animal Shelter ยท 1373 N. 750 W. Ogden - 84404 -(801) 399-8244 Fax-(801)778-6411
Pet Licensing   
*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Year of Birth:
Address                               (all contact data is used for license renewal purposes only)
*Home Phone: - -
Cell Phone: - -
Mailing Address
*Is your mailing address the same as above? Same as above Not the Same
Address or P.O. Box:
Animal Information
*Animal's Name:
Microchip Number:
*Sex: Male
Neutered Male
Spayed Female
Rabies Information
*Rabies Vaccine Expiration Date: - - (Example: 5-30-1978)
*Veterinarian Hospital or Clinic:
Animal License Fees
License Fees: Non-sterilized $25.00 per dog
Sterilized $10.00 per dog
Sterilized Owned by Senior Citizen (65 older) $5.00 per dog
Late Fee

Mandatory Late Fee (due 30 days after license expires) $20.00 per household

licensing is due 1 year from previous licensing date.  For instance if you license, March 13, 2009, your license expires March 13, 2010, and the late fee applies April 13, 2010.

- Have you previously licensed your pet with Weber County Animal Services? Yes No
If yes, when does the license expire? - - (Example: 5-30-1978)

Would you like to donate toward the care of stray & adoptable animals housed at the shelter?
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