Agenda Procedure

Procedure for requests to be on agenda

Anyone wishing to have an item placed on the official agenda must contact the County Commission office by Thursday (5 pm) prior to the Tuesday meeting in which they want to address the Commission. Requests must be in writing and must include your name, address and telephone number. We encourage you to also provide any written information or a brief statement regarding your issue. At least one commissioner must approve the item for inclusion in the agenda. When approved, this written information will be reproduced and distributed in the Commission Files, which are provided to the Commissioners for the meeting. This procedure enables the Commissioners to read and research your information to be more prepared to address your item at the meeting.

Procedure during Commission Meeting
  1. Citizen Participation.
    The County commission encourages and appreciates citizen participation and input during Commission meetings at the appropriate time. The Public Comment Section on the agenda gives the public an opportunity to address the Commission on any item, relating to County business, which is not on the printed agenda.

  2. Addressing the Commission.
    1. Please fill out Request to address the Commission form, and give it to the Commission Secretary.
    2. When recognized by the Commission Chair, individuals should come to the podium or microphone, clearly speak and state your name and locality of residence for the official record.
    3. Individuals should be specific when discussing their issue or concern. Comments should be limited to approximately 2-3 minutes.
    4. If several speakers are addressing similar issues, participants should coordinate comments to avoid repetition.

  3. Visual Aids.
    Individuals using visual aides may contact the Commission office (399-8401) before noon the day before the meeting. The following can be made available:
    1. Overhead Projector for transparencies
    2. VCR and Television.


Agendas will be faxed to the newspaper, and posted in the Weber County Libraries 24 hours before the scheduled meeting. The Commission agenda is also posted on the bulletin board outside the Commission Chambers on the 3rd Floor, in the Weber Center, 2380 Washington Boulevard, Ogden, Utah.


Commission minutes are records of the official meetings of the Weber County Commission. These minutes are prepared by the County Clerk and submitted to the Commission in their Files for review and approval. The Commission generally approves the minutes at their next meeting. Copies of the minutes are available for public review in the County Clerks Office, 2380 Washington Boulevard, #320, Ogden, Utah 84401-1469.