Mailing Address Change Card (*Indicates Required Field)

Parcel Number:

New Mailing Address:

Requester's Name and Contact:

*Electronic Signature by checking, Owner affirms and declares the above information is true and correct.

Mailing address is for Assessment Roll, Valuation and Tax Notices.

You may also fill out a downloadable pdf form print it and mail in the Mailing Address Change Card.

Mail Address Change Form Explained

Mailing Address Changes Submitted after September 24th will not be reflected on tax notice mailings. See Treasurer's Office to obtain a copy if Tax Notice was not received.

Weber County maintains two separate address data bases; 1) the mailing address and 2) the property address.

The mailing address is required by state law for the Recorder’s Office to maintain and is where individual tax notices are mailed. Mailing addresses are not changed over the phone. A written request, signed by the owner, and delivered to the recorders office is the method that a mailing address can be changed. The form above will provide you to request a mailing address change.

By County Ordinance the property addresses for unincorporated Weber County are assigned and maintained by the County Surveyor’s Office, in the cities the property addresses are assigned and maintained by each City. Property addresses are assigned specifically for locating the individual parcel and not for tax notices. Accurate property address information for Emergency Services is very important for the Emergency 911 service.

Because property addresses remain with the parcel it is our policy to change, assign, or update these records only with approval from the jurisdiction responsible for assigning and maintaining them. Therefore, the land owner will not be allowed to change a property address in this office without an approval from the responsible jurisdiction. Simply put, if a change is to be made in the property address data base, the request must be made by the City directly to the Recorder’s Office.

This will reduce problems that have occurred with the postal service, county assessors office and emergency services.